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BBX Christmas gathering

It was great to attend the BBX Christmas gathering and hear the great work Vision ICT’s Daniel Hiller did in India during his recent volunteering there. I got to chat with my accountant and also to speak with a social media marketing expert who will help me up my game in the new year. Great […]

Explain-IT: First session

First Explain-IT training session today. I worked with the client on using Windows to manage files and to use Dropbox to send collections of files too large to email. He’d come from an iPad background and was used to each application having its own file store rather than Windows defaulting to the Documents folder, thus […]

Hard Drives Erased to Military Standard

Hard Drives Erased to Military Standard

Cooked a Sunday roast whilst waiting for the first of the replaced hard drives to erase to military standard. That data ain’t ever coming back – thanks to KillDisk Pro. But they can still be used as storage. The HD is about 40% done with the process, so I’ll check it in the morning and […]

Office Set-up in Exmouth

In total contrast to yesterday’s delivery and leisurely seaside walk in Paignton, when I visited Exmouth today, I didn’t catch even a glimpse of the sea. I’d been called in at short notice to assist with an office setup because their normal tech had needed to cancel due to illness. As I’d been refurbishing their […]

English Riviera

The bay Today saw me enjoying the lovely sunny weather and crisp sea air of the English Riviera. A guest house in Paignton had ordered a custom computer from our Build-IT service, so a trip down to the bay waa in order to deliver it. Whilst there I had the opportunity to enjoy the sea […]