Protect-IT ⚠️ Let us keep your computer safe

Daily safety checks that flag potential issues so they can be dealt with promptly.

Protect-IT comes with built-in remote support functionality.

Patch Management for Windows and other popular software ensures that you always have the latest and most secure versions.

An automatic defence against all known threats that is continuously updated and checked.

Our Managed Backup Solution is an easy and automated way to make sure your most important files stay safe.

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Checked Continuously

Protect-IT proactively searches in the background for potential problems that can remain hidden. This alerts our technicians immediately anything is found, letting us get to work on resolving them promptly.

Easy Remote Access

Because your computer is in regular communication with us, we can handle the exchange of passcodes automatically rather than requiring them to be read out over the phone. Remote access is therefore a simplified process but remains secure.
A single question, β€œAllow Andy to connect?” is asked and can be answered with a single-click on the Yes button. This makes it faster and easier for us to fix any problems that don’t require a home visit.

Always Up-To-Date

When a security vulnerability is identified, the company in question will create a fix for it as soon as possible, so having it put in place straight away is important. Our system keeps track of Windows security, driver, and feature updates and applies them automatically as they become available to ensure your computer is the best protected it can be. Protect-IT also checks other software so that you always have the latest and most secure versions of products like Google Chrome, Zoom, and Notepad++.

Enterprise-Level Protection

Protect-IT responds quickly to the latest threats with its integrated monitoring, antivirus, anti-malware and web protection modules. Our web protection service works to identify and protect you from threats such as scams, malware, and spam when you’re online. Web protection acts before the hostile content ever reaches your computer by checking a block list of known dangerous website locations.
If something get through, the other modules act to identify, and cleanly remove the threats.
These features are optional and customisable. Protect-IT can work with and monitor existing subscriptions to other antivirus programs.
A backup service for your documents folder is also available at no additional cost.

File Recovery

There are two levels of our backup solution; the basic option covers just the Documents folder and is designed for users with most of their important data in cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive, while the advanced backup is much more comprehensive and versatile with up to 100GB of files as standard.

Both solutions provide fast β€˜changes only,’ backups that minimise internet usage after the initial synchronisation has been completed.


Sharon Vickery
Sharon Vickery, Virtual Assistant

"Solidarity IT has been looking after my laptop for me for quite some time now, with my business reliant on my technology this is of utmost importance to me as I cannot trade without one.

Their service has always been reliable, responsive and very honest in their recommendations and feedback. I am very happy with Solidarity IT to continue looking after my computer hardware."