Case Study: Protect-IT

The Challenge

As a Virtual Assistant, Sharon Vickery needs her computer to be in peak condition. For everyone who uses computers in their daily work, the following challenges exist:

  • Managing and troubleshooting IT issues takes time and requires a certain level of expertise; time which is better spent on other priorities and expertise that is not in everyone’s comfort zone.
  • Computer problems aren’t always obvious. Not all of them display error messages, and many problems sneak up on a user as issues accumulate over time.
  • Even the most secure and well-maintained computer is vulnerable to on-site disasters, making regular backups and the ability to restore data a vital part of business continuity planning.

To solve these problems, Sharon signed up with Protect-IT so she could focus on her business goals.

What Sharon Gained

Protect-IT’s managed antivirus caught and dealt with a virus infection before it could cause any further problems. The first Sharon heard of it was us letting her know we’d found it and removed it for her. Since then, we have upgraded Protect-IT with SentinelOne End-point Detection and Response, which not only scans for known viruses, but is one of the best shields against brand new ‘Day-One’ threats and ransomware attacks because it looks for virus-like behaviour as well as actively scanning for known virus fingerprints.

Protect-IT automatically applies most Windows Updates on a schedule that minimises user disruption. For major Feature Updates, we connect in of an evening and monitor a manual installation on the customer’s behalf to ensure everything is functional for the beginning of the next business day.

Protect-IT monitoring also enables us to spot warning signs of slowdown within the computer’s operating system, which we can then resolve, bringing the computer’s speed back up to as-new levels.


The virus attack that targeted Sharon’s computer caused absolutely no lost business time and was resolved seamlessly.

Our backup solution ensures that she can work on her computer, safe in the knowledge that even in the worst of scenarios, her data can be recovered.

Our daily safety checks ensure Sharon’s computer stays tuned up and that we able to detect and resolve hidden issues immediately, before they can disrupt Sharon’s working day.

These features enable her to focus on her business goals, reassured by the knowledge that Solidarity IT will be there to keep her computer safe.

About Solidarity IT

Solidarity IT works in partnership with N-able to provide Protect-IT services. We use N-able’s flexible technology platform and powerful integrations to monitor, manage, and protect our customers’ systems, data, and networks, and provide them with a Friendly Fuss-Free IT experience. We also work in partnership with Microsoft and can offer Microsoft licence subscription management services. Our concept is that we work with our clients in solidarity to help small and micro companies enjoy the same peace of mind that bigger companies have from an in-house IT department.