English Riviera

The bay

Today saw me enjoying the lovely sunny weather and crisp sea air of the English Riviera. A guest house in Paignton had ordered a custom computer from our Build-IT service, so a trip down to the bay waa in order to deliver it. Whilst there I had the opportunity to enjoy the sea front and pick up some shopping from the town.

The new fly-over

It was great to see the improvement that the Penn Inn Roundabout fly-over and the Kingskerswell by-pass have made to the journey. Going down to Torbay from Exeter used to grind to a halt at the end of the dual-carriageway at the roundabout, and creep through Kingskerswell at little above 20mph and often much less. I used to commute by train when I was working in Torre, mainly due to those awful traffic-jams. Now, the traffic flows much better and it was actually a pleasure to cruise down the new road, even if the sat-nav did show me driving through a field because the map was out-of-date!

When I got back to my desk, the hard-drives and memory I was expecting had arrived, so I’ll be working on the refurbishment of two HP laptops. With a 1TB SSD and doubling the memory to 8GB they’ll really fly compared to their original performance.

Bye for now, more updates will follow soon!

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