Office Set-up in Exmouth

In total contrast to yesterday’s delivery and leisurely seaside walk in Paignton, when I visited Exmouth today, I didn’t catch even a glimpse of the sea.

I’d been called in at short notice to assist with an office setup because their normal tech had
needed to cancel due to illness. As I’d been refurbishing their laptops, they thought of me,
and luckily I was able to pitch in and assist.

The day was an intense buzz of multitasking, as there was no workstation management
server or pre-built images available – luckily the office only consisted of three all-in-ones and
the two laptops I’d brought. Two of the all-in-ones had been set up mostly to user’s liking, butthe third was a fresh windows installation.

The printer that they had been unable to wirelessly connect to needed to be configured on allof the workstations and laptops. Oh, and their mobile phones needed to be able to print to it too.

There were several other minor challenges, such as a faulty external DVD burner that turnedout to be a damaged cable, getting video off a camcorder when none of the all-in-ones had an SD reader – I’d come prepared as best I could and had a USB adaptor in my toolbox thatdid the job and ensuring there were enough software licenses to go around.

I also had to set up a new google and microsoft account for their new hire who will use the
third all-in-one that I spent most of the time upgrading to fall creator’s update and then
adding the requested software.
Seven and a quarter hours later, I’m home, having left the office in a useable state with
happy customers. Now for pie, luckily it isn’t my turn to cook tonight.

I’ll be on call to remote in on Monday if they have any queries or trouble.


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