Atomic MacOS Stealer

Recently, Mac users have been reporting a new type of malware designed for MacOS.

The malware, known as Atomic MacOS Stealer, impersonates legitimate software installation programs.  When run on a computer, it displays a prompt for the user’s password, claiming to need it for installation. It then uses this password to steal data from the user, such as other logins and credit card information.

When downloading software from the internet, always ensure that the software you’re downloading is what it claims to be and that you’re getting it from the correct source. When in doubt, contact an IT professional.

The malware was discovered being sold online for $1000 per month, showing how much money there can be not just in the use of malware, but its creation as well.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, Macs are perceived by consumers as being more secure than Windows computers and Apple once used this as a selling point. Apple stopped claiming that Macs don’t get viruses as far back as 2012 but the myth persists to this day. It’s true that malware creators target Windows OS more frequently but as the existence and price of the Atomic MacOS Stealer illustrates, there are still plenty of opportunities for criminals to steal valuable data from a Mac.

If you have any concerns about keeping your Mac computer safe, just get in touch.

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