Urgent Patching Needed

Have you installed the latest Windows patches released on Tuesday? It’s especially critical to get this one installed for the safety and security of your computer.

One of the more concerning exploits fixed by the latest patch is one that allows attacks through Wi-Fi, meaning that any PC that uses Wi-Fi could open itself up to attack, making protection against this exploit absolutely vital.

Situations like this emphasize the importance of keeping patches up-to-date. They might appear to do nothing, but patches protect your computer from hidden exploits that could otherwise remain vulnerable and allow in an attack.

If the latest patches aren’t installed, then Endpoint Detection and Response is required to detect the execution of suspicious code. EDR works on detecting malicious behaviour rather than the definition lists used in older antivirus programs, making it better able to defend against new threats.

Both of these are covered by Protect-IT, ensuring that your computer is protected against exploits such as this one.

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