New Outlook Available Now

Have you seen the new version of Outlook? It’s now available for users of the desktop app via the New Outlook button in the top right corner of the window.

The first noticeable difference is the change to the interface. The ribbon menus have been simplified and are quicker and easier to use. The calendar now dynamically shifts the width of columns to make it easier to read when a large number of events have been added.

The icons for Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks are now in a column to the left. Tasks has been replaced with To Do, a full app for task management. The list has been expanded with access to OneDrive and Microsoft 365 apps, along with Viva Engage, an app for connecting users that is replacing Yammer. This vastly improves Outlook integration with the rest of Microsoft 365, making the user’s experience more efficient.

If you rely on integrations with non-Microsoft software, it may be a good idea to wait a while before trying the new Outlook, as it won’t support everything yet. If you do try the new version, the button on the top right can be used to switch back to the older version, enabling you to continue using the integration functions you are used to until support for them has been added.

If you have any questions about Outlook or Microsoft 365, just get in touch.

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