New Microsoft Teams Preview

How often do you use Microsoft Teams?  Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Teams that promises above all else, greatly improved performance.

Performance is a key concern for all software, especially when it comes to communication software such as Teams, as it is often used at the same time as other software.

In addition to improved loading times, the new version is designed to be faster to use, with a new interface that is more intuitive and easier to navigate. The new Teams also supports using multiple accounts at once, allowing a user to keep track of all their logins in one instance of Teams. The new Teams will also quickly bring new members of chats up to speed, providing recaps of the discussions before they joined.

The new version is currently being previewed, so it’s not yet accessible to all users. You’ll know if the new version is available for you, as there will be an option in the top left of the Teams window offering to let you “Try the new Teams”.  If this option hasn’t yet appeared for you, your administrator may be able to enable it. If you have any questions about Teams or other parts of Microsoft 365, just get in touch.

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