LastPass Security Update

LastPass have released a new update about security incidents involving attacks on their password management solution. The official release can be read here.

In summary, the incidents have involved compromising machines used by developers. No passwords have been known to be accessed from these incidents, however it is still considered a good idea to review LastPass settings and passwords to ensure that the passwords used are strong. The linked article also goes into detail about the recommended steps to take to keep yourself safe.

Password managers remain the most widely recommended method of keeping accounts secure, as you only need to remember one password, without having to re-use it elsewhere or write them down in a book. Many password managers also alert users if a password has been revealed in a breach, helping users keep their accounts secure. Password management is also now available in most browsers, which is tied to an account used to sign into the browser, allowing you to access your passwords across multiple machines.

If you have any concerns about LastPass, you find more information on their blog, or get in touch.

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