LastPass Security Incident

Are you familiar with password managers?  You may have heard about a recent security incident involving LastPass.

Thankfully, the perpetrators of the attack did not succeed in stealing any passwords or personal data.  The incident took place in their development environment, which does not provide access to where the passwords are encrypted and stored.

Users of LastPass do not need to change their passwords in the wake of this attack.  LastPass are still investigating and will provide more information when more is known.

LastPass and other password managers are popular because they allow their users to learn a single password, which can be any length and complexity, and use it to access other passwords. This means the user only needs to memorise one password, but still has all their online accounts protected with unique ones. Reusing the same password across multiple sites is not recommended because a single breach can give anyone who learns that password access to multiple accounts.

If you have any further concerns about passwords or password managers, just get in touch.

For further details check out the official statement from LastPass:

Notice of Recent Security Incident

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