Internet Explorer has been retired

Do you still use Internet Explorer or know someone who does? As of the 15th of June, the browser is officially retired after 27 years of use and anyone still using Internet Explorer will be repeatedly prompted to update to Edge.

Internet Explorer has been the butt of frequent jokes about performance, reliability, and security for years now, but it still gets some use thanks to old websites that haven’t been updated to work with modern browsers. Microsoft’s default browser, Edge, has an IE compatibility mode designed to work with these old sites so there’s no longer anything compelling people to keep using Internet Explorer. Those who use Internet Explorer because it’s what they’re used to will find that Edge’s interface isn’t too different.

As with most software that is past its end of life, it’s still possible to use Internet Explorer; it’s just strongly recommended that you don’t, as unsupported software becomes increasingly vulnerable to malware attacks and security exploits. Currently, Internet Explorer tries to redirect users to Edge but it will eventually be disabled altogether through Windows Updates.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to enable IE mode on Edge, or have other questions about switching browsers, just get in touch.

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