Now the roof can be fixed!

The kids from Mumbai


It was my great pleasure to support Daniel of Vision ICT’s Charity Auction to fix a leaky school roof in Mumbai, India.

“It was very humbling to see the wonderful work taking place in Mumbai thanks to organisations like SlumAid and I was glad to be a part of it. Having come home and realised how lucky we are, it would be great if, for my birthday, we could make a long-lasting difference to the lives of the children over there by raising the money to fix their school roof.”

I am pleased to report that with the combination of the auction last night (17th April) at The Canopy, the previous one at the A38 Business Networking Club breakfast at Haytor and other donations,

we now have raised in total £1,076

to fix and secure their roof against the upcoming monsoon season.

Daniel, with assistance from BBX, The Canopy restaurant and Wyvern’s Tales storytelling put on a fantastic and enjoyable evening.

On his birthday no less.

He told us of one of the pupils at the school in Mumbai he’d spoken with during his time volunteering there, who didn’t have a birthday until she turned 18, because she is an orphan with no idea of her date of birth. She had to make a date up when she turned 18 for her driving license. Therefore, he told us, he wanted to something  more productive with his birthday than simply go out drinking.


The Canopy Resturant

Of course, there was drinking at the event, The Canopy provided a selection of wines as well as a full three-course meal for the attendees.

There was an amazing selection of main courses – everyone enjoyed the food, I highly recommend that you check out the Canopy restaurant and its unique atmosphere.

For those of you using BBX, you can pay for your entire visit with your spare capacity.


Wyvernstales Stories & Histories

Entertainment was provided by the talented Gideon Lawrence of Wyvernstales Stories & Histories. He gave us some (really evil) HR advice as Farmer Ash, some good advice as Farmer Oak, and some cheeky advice as a squeaky little bird trapped by a hunter.

For the details of the advice you’ll need to catch one of his performances. Check out his facebook page for further details

Next Steps…

Thanks to the above companies for their hard work and generosity, to all those who donated items for the auction, and to everyone who came to support the Mumbai school.  Most of all though thank you to Daniel for making us aware of their plight and arranging the events so we could help out.

Daniel is still collecting money for SlumAid in Mumbai, so please do donate if you can.

Donate here

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