Explain-IT πŸ“š Like a piano teacher, but for computers!

Focus on what you need to achieve your goals.

We all have a preferred learning style. Work at your pace.

You get to set the schedule.

We explain things at a level to suit you and won’t confuse you with technobabble.

1-1 training, in your own home, on the computer you’ll be using.

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Bespoke Training

Do you want to improve your IT skills but aren’t sure where to start? We have a series of flash cards that can help identify different ways you could use your computer and to help you prioritise to suit your preferences. Is there a specific goal you have in mind but don’t want to learn unnecessary fluff? We can go into as much or as little depth as you need. You can learn the how and why behind how the computer works or just what you need to do to get the results you want.

Learn Your Way

Some people remember things best with verbal tuition, others learn better by doing, or prefer step-by-step written instructions over demonstrations. Whatever works best for you, Andy will be there to assist.

Your Timetable

We recommend starting with a two-hour session but depending on the nature of the content, individual sessions can be from as little as quarter of an hour, up to 4 hours or even more. Our training sessions can be scheduled outside of β€˜standard’ office hours, including evenings or weekends.

In Plain English

Let Andy be your IT translator, turning the potentially confusing jargon and terminology used in the computer industry into clear explanations that cover the essence of the concept.

Home Comfort

Explain-IT is delivered one-to-one, using your computer. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, training is currently delivered via phone and screen-sharing technology rather than home visits. This means that rather than being in a classroom-like situation with an unfamiliar computer, you’ll be either gaining familiarity with a desktop, laptop, or tablet of your own or using one that you already know your way around.


John Ransom, Retired

" 'I will teach you at your speed,' those were the magic words...
He is extremely tolerant and patient...
It's a whole new world which he has opened up to me."

Case Study

John explains how Andy introduced him to the basics of computing.