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Charging Forward

How often do you feel the frustration of desperately searching for a charger and a free socket for your phone when it’s hovering threateningly at 5% battery? In a home office especially, it’s likely that the sockets and wiring were put in place before computer use became widespread. Have you considered updating your sockets? Did […]

WhatsApp ends support for older smartphones

Whatsapp is a widely used messaging app for iPhones, Android phones, and PCs. Today, Whatsapp launches a new update that means the app will cease to run on phones that use Android 2.3.7 (Released 2010) or iPhone iOS 8 (Released 2014). They are taking this step because out of date operating systems become vulnerable to […]

Windows 7 Update

Despite Windows 7 having reached End of Life, a recent update has been released to fix the issue with wallpapers not always showing. Microsoft doesn’t usually release patches for operating systems after End of Life, but have done so in the past during major incidents. Fixing the wallpaper display options is however, a comparatively trivial […]

Looking at my Business Model again – Part 1: Customer Segments

Looking at my Business Model again – Part 1: Customer Segments

When did you last review your Business model? Is it still the same as when you started? I first came across the Business Model canvas at the weekend new startup event I went to 2 years ago when I was considering becoming self-employed. My first pitch and business model didn’t work out, but I didn’t […]