Windows 11 23H2 Update and Windows Copilot

The 23H2 update for Windows 11 is now available. The most anticipated feature enabled by this update is Windows Copilot, an AI-based assistant tool.

It also comes with other features, including a taskbar that is now more optimised for touch when using 2-in-1 devices, improvements to how uninstalling programs is handled, and new features for Windows Spotlight, which shows images on the lock screen.

For computers that have been kept up to date, the new 23H2 update is a very quick install, as most of the new features have been added in older updates, while the 23H2 update is what activates the installed features. This makes updates quicker and easier, spreading the download time across multiple updates and only turning the features on when they’re confirmed to work as intended.

Next week we’ll go into more detail on what Copilot does.

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